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7th Grade Reflection


At the beginning of the year, I was expecting a year full of stress, homework, and no sleep. All of my 8th grade friends told me it was the hardest and scariest year, but soon i came to realize it wasn’t that bad. Yes we had homework and yes I was extremely busy due to […]

The Man Outside


A knock at the door, A ring of the bell, The house goes silent, With a wondering dwell, Knock knock again, Who must it be? I was so curious to see… I slipped down stairs, trying not to be seen, as the man outside stares directly at  me! I stop and stare, trying not to look […]

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Electronics are taking over the world. They are literally killing people, it’s scary. Kids at lunch can’t even have a conversation because they are more in love with there iPad or phone. It’s stupid how addictive playing a game or watching a movie is. I like electronics but at least I could live without them…

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