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Monopoly is a game of skill, advantage, and money. You could become bankrupt very easily and quickly, or you could spend your money wisely and win the game with lots of money to spare. You start of with $1500 monopoly dollars and travel around the board buying or selling properties. You can easily get into […]

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The Dragon


Its glistening eyes staring right at you, it’s razor like fangs, and retched breath. You twitch, you turn, you run…adrenalin pumping into your blood as the scale covered animal leaps off the ground. Your running, the forest gets darker and denser as you, oh…you trip. It’s coming, it’s coming, you see the light,….

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I play tennis in my spare time, just to have some fun and see my friends from other grades and schools. It’s really fun because we do lots of drills that keep us busy but have chance to talk and catch up at the same time. I prefer to play singles but I like to […]

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