7th Grade Reflection


At the beginning of the year, I was expecting a year full of stress, homework, and no sleep. All of my 8th grade friends told me it was the hardest and scariest year, but soon i came to realize it wasn’t that bad. Yes we had homework and yes I was extremely busy due to extra curricular activities but all in all I’ve have an awesome year.

By October, it was hard. All my teachers were loading us with homework, tests, quizzes, learning checks and the list goes on! I had tennis Tuesday and Thursday, sectionals for band on Mondays! Eventually the year started to run smoothly, I new what was happening, when it was happening, and where it was happening. I was getting use to the expectations from our teachers and sacrifices you have to make for other people.

In seventh grade,   I have learned not to leave you blog posts until two days after they are due. I’ve learned how to plan ahead of time and to take care of incidences alone. As this year comes to a close I know i will miss it. You would think yay, summer but I think no, alone. I say this because every summer ALL my friends go away for the whole 3 months!

If i had the chance to re-do my whole 7th grade year at WRMS, I would say yes to a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Florida, I would join the West Ridge Tennis Team, and most of all, I would take sleep for granted!

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To talk


It is how we communicate, it is how we understand. It expresses how we feel, it’s how we think. Language is one of the most fundamental things in our world and without it, our world would be gone before we even lived…
Imagine the Civil War, World War One or Two, natural disasters. They would not have been solved without communication. We need to be able to talk to manage our daily lives, to communicate our feelings to one another. Some people are born to speak, but with some it just comes a little less quickly. I use to be a very shy and quiet child, but as I’ve grown older I must admit i have become a very out spoken person and I love to put my opinions on the table, but only around my friends.
If we could not read, write, or talk, than I would not be writing this paper right now. What I’m trying to say is don’t be shy, put your ideas out there while there still fresh, because you never know where they might take you.

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The Man Outside


A knock at the door, A ring of the bell,

The house goes silent, With a wondering dwell,

Knock knock again, Who must it be?

I was so curious to see…

I slipped down stairs, trying not to be seen, as the man outside stares directly at  me!

I stop and stare, trying not to look scared,

But I could not help it, and sprinted upstairs…


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My Dolls House


When I was a lot younger I loved loads of different toys but one toy that i use to always play with was my dolls house. I received my doll house on my 3rd Christmas, and you should have see my face…I was overwhelmed with happiness!
In my family of dolls I had a practical family of four: the mum, dad, brother and sister. I also had a wooden dog and cat. I always made the girl older (pretending she was me) because I am the youngest between my brother and I have always wanted to be the eldest.
It had three floors; two separate bedrooms on the first, one separate bedroom and bathroom on the second, and the third floor was a combined kitchen/dining room (I was an organised child). Mostly all the furniture was made out of wood; the bath, the toilet, the beds, the cooker, the pots and pans, even the fridge was made of wood except for my petite china tea set. It was and still is a beautiful array of china. The set included four saucer and tea cups, four plates, a “large” pot for tea, and a cup to hold sugar.
On the outside of the house sat a set of windows for each floor, and at the bottom center stood a bright blue door with a wooden knocker located right in the center. The roof was coloured bright red with attic shaped windows sticking out at opposite ends.
It was one of my most used, most played with, and most loved toys…and sometimes i just sit and play with my old toy dolls and feel like a child once again…


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Where I live expository


Austin, Texas. The one place I would never have imaged my self to end up in. I couldn’t even point it out on the map. Austin is such an interesting place . The people are so intriguing, the wildlife is different, even the water tastes strange, but the don’t say “Keep Austin Weird” for nothing.
One reason why Austin is so different is because of its music. In Austin there is always a wide verity of musical events happening all day, every day. For instance “South by South West” and “ACL” are just two of many events that bring people from all over the world to attend.
Along with the music, there are so many nooks and crannys in Austin. Here are just a few of my faviorite-The South Austin Rock Gym for instance, a climbing center in the middle of industrial units. Even though it sounds strange, it’s awesome! Also there is a van call “Hey Cupcake” which makes the most delicious cupcakes ever! The reason I love it so much is that it is a old converted metal van.
I love Austin, and everything about it. It’s just so strange to anywhere I else have ever been too, and I am so glad I came. So “Keep Austin Weird!”

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Charging your iPhone


Doesn’t it annoy you so much when you put your phone on to charge at night, wake up and it’s on zero present battery, or when your going out to the mall or the park and try to use it to take a photo and it randomly powers off on you. I don’t know if that happens to you but it sure does happen to me. It might be because my phone isn’t fully updated but that still never happened when I used the old update. Does this ever happen to you, when you phone just decides to power it’s self off or lose 50% of its battery life in one second?

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Hope is important by Libby and Kendall


Please let me pass…Your sitting in your desk with your figures crossed, hoping for a good grade…even thought you know you didn’t study sometimes life can be tough and difficult, but you must keep hope.

For instance of you don’t have hope you don’t believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself and your team you will lose all confidence and will not preform aswell. In basketball we haven’t been doing very well on our games because we don’t believe and have hope in each other. If you don’t have hope you won’t succeed.

Also if you don’t have hope you won’t try to accomplish easy tasks. Let’s say your big science test is coming up and you already thought you were going to fail so you didn’t even try to study. Your grade…well…not the best. So if you don’t try and believe in your self you won’t succeed.

Sometimes life gets hard, and it’s hard to think positively. But having hope can give you the opportunity to try hard and believe.

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Monopoly is a game of skill, advantage, and money. You could become bankrupt very easily and quickly, or you could spend your money wisely and win the game with lots of money to spare.

You start of with $1500 monopoly dollars and travel around the board buying or selling properties. You can easily get into arguments about how much money you owe someone if you land on their property. If someone else has the property you want you have to trade money or another property with that person and that can cause arguments as well.

Monopoly is a lot like the real world. You trade, you buy, you have arguments, and you sell. It’s a very fun game, and it sometimes it can last up to four hours!

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The Dragon


Its glistening eyes staring right at you, it’s razor like fangs, and retched breath. You twitch, you turn, you run…adrenalin pumping into your blood as the scale covered animal leaps off the ground. Your running, the forest gets darker and denser as you, oh…you trip. It’s coming, it’s coming, you see the light, run..run….

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I play tennis in my spare time, just to have some fun and see my friends from other grades and schools. It’s really fun because we do lots of drills that keep us busy but have chance to talk and catch up at the same time. I prefer to play singles but I like to play doubles also it’s just with singles you get a bit more freedom in tactics unlike doubles.
What sports do you play ?
What do you do in your spare time?

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