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7th Grade Reflection


At the beginning of the year, I was expecting a year full of stress, homework, and no sleep. All of my 8th grade friends told me it was the hardest and scariest year, but soon i came to realize it wasn’t that bad. Yes we had homework and yes I was extremely busy due to […]

The Man Outside


A knock at the door, A ring of the bell, The house goes silent, With a wondering dwell, Knock knock again, Who must it be? I was so curious to see… I slipped down stairs, trying not to be seen, as the man outside stares directly at  me! I stop and stare, trying not to look […]

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Hope is important by Libby and Kendall


Please let me pass…Your sitting in your desk with your figures crossed, hoping for a good grade…even thought you know you didn’t study sometimes life can be tough and difficult, but you must keep hope. For instance of you don’t have hope you don’t believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself and your […]

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The Dragon


Its glistening eyes staring right at you, it’s razor like fangs, and retched breath. You twitch, you turn, you run…adrenalin pumping into your blood as the scale covered animal leaps off the ground. Your running, the forest gets darker and denser as you, oh…you trip. It’s coming, it’s coming, you see the light,….

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Nothing spring’s to mind why I am forced to write. I don’t get inspired by anything new or different. I just sit at my desk waiting for something new, fun, or exciting to happen, but instead I always relive that I have homework that I forgot about and start on that instead.

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