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To talk


It is how we communicate, it is how we understand. It expresses how we feel, it’s how we think. Language is one of the most fundamental things in our world and without it, our world would be gone before we even lived… Imagine the Civil War, World War One or Two, natural disasters. They would […]

The Man Outside


A knock at the door, A ring of the bell, The house goes silent, With a wondering dwell, Knock knock again, Who must it be? I was so curious to see… I slipped down stairs, trying not to be seen, as the man outside stares directly at  me! I stop and stare, trying not to look […]

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My Dolls House


When I was a lot younger I loved loads of different toys but one toy that i use to always play with was my dolls house. I received my doll house on my 3rd Christmas, and you should have see my face…I was overwhelmed with happiness! In my family of dolls I had a practical […]

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