My Dolls House


When I was a lot younger I loved loads of different toys but one toy that i use to always play with was my dolls house. I received my doll house on my 3rd Christmas, and you should have see my face…I was overwhelmed with happiness!
In my family of dolls I had a practical family of four: the mum, dad, brother and sister. I also had a wooden dog and cat. I always made the girl older (pretending she was me) because I am the youngest between my brother and I have always wanted to be the eldest.
It had three floors; two separate bedrooms on the first, one separate bedroom and bathroom on the second, and the third floor was a combined kitchen/dining room (I was an organised child). Mostly all the furniture was made out of wood; the bath, the toilet, the beds, the cooker, the pots and pans, even the fridge was made of wood except for my petite china tea set. It was and still is a beautiful array of china. The set included four saucer and tea cups, four plates, a “large” pot for tea, and a cup to hold sugar.
On the outside of the house sat a set of windows for each floor, and at the bottom center stood a bright blue door with a wooden knocker located right in the center. The roof was coloured bright red with attic shaped windows sticking out at opposite ends.
It was one of my most used, most played with, and most loved toys…and sometimes i just sit and play with my old toy dolls and feel like a child once again…


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“My Dolls House”

  1. April 17th, 2014 at 3:51 pm      Reply izadoraf612 Says:

    I appreciate how you thoroughly describe the inside of the house. It’s as if I were a doll in that house just looking around. I also find it very cool that you found a way to use the “magic three” ; “It was one of my most used, most played with, and most loved toys…”. That was very creative! The way you ended your blog post made me think how I loved toys and made me also wish that some programs for kids or toys for kids could be for older people like us. I will always remember the time when I would want to play with a toy as a kid and that I would be so excited just to imagine with it, even if it was a piece of plastic or scrap of metal. I really like your work!

  2. April 22nd, 2014 at 8:03 pm      Reply lizethv450 Says:

    The way you described the doll house was great I can see the inside of it. I remember I had a doll house but it does not compare to how much you loved yours. I really can imagine the doll house you are a great writer you made me want to have a doll house like that when I was younger.

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