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7th Grade Reflection


At the beginning of the year, I was expecting a year full of stress, homework, and no sleep. All of my 8th grade friends told me it was the hardest and scariest year, but soon i came to realize it wasn’t that bad. Yes we had homework and yes I was extremely busy due to […]



I play tennis in my spare time, just to have some fun and see my friends from other grades and schools. It’s really fun because we do lots of drills that keep us busy but have chance to talk and catch up at the same time. I prefer to play singles but I like to […]

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It goes in, It roles out, You block her, She snatches the ball, You chase her like a fox and a rabbit, People screaming from the sideline, She’s gonna make it, she’s gonna make it, It’s rolling, it’s rolling, It’s out, get the rebound! Get the rebound!

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