7th Grade Reflection


At the beginning of the year, I was expecting a year full of stress, homework, and no sleep. All of my 8th grade friends told me it was the hardest and scariest year, but soon i came to realize it wasn’t that bad. Yes we had homework and yes I was extremely busy due to extra curricular activities but all in all I’ve have an awesome year.

By October, it was hard. All my teachers were loading us with homework, tests, quizzes, learning checks and the list goes on! I had tennis Tuesday and Thursday, sectionals for band on Mondays! Eventually the year started to run smoothly, I new what was happening, when it was happening, and where it was happening. I was getting use to the expectations from our teachers and sacrifices you have to make for other people.

In seventh grade,   I have learned not to leave you blog posts until two days after they are due. I’ve learned how to plan ahead of time and to take care of incidences alone. As this year comes to a close I know i will miss it. You would think yay, summer but I think no, alone. I say this because every summer ALL my friends go away for the whole 3 months!

If i had the chance to re-do my whole 7th grade year at WRMS, I would say yes to a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Florida, I would join the West Ridge Tennis Team, and most of all, I would take sleep for granted!

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“7th Grade Reflection”

  1. May 14th, 2014 at 10:01 am      Reply madilyng213 Says:

    Libby you’re such a talented writer! I love how you elaborate and I can relate to so many of your experiences! I love reading your work!

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